Let Me Interview You!

Life is a revolving door of opportunities, just waiting for us to take advantage of them.

I invite you to choose your next adventure with me, which really means choosing yourself.

Join a coaching program or course that fits you.

Or here’s an idea- let me interview you on my podcast, Living Legacy Leadership!

I will feature you and whichever aspect of your life story, contribution projects or products you want to feature, from the aspect of learning, leadership or legacy. Then the link will be posted globally on over 11 popular channels, and you will also be able to use the session as is anywhere you wish or edit snippits as it serves your purpose.

Part of my role will be to assist you in coming up with your title, topic and gist of your message as well as some questions I will ask you during our conversation. My producer will handle the tech side, so you effectively just show up once we have your segment ready. Then we’ll send you the link afterward.

This wouldn’t be just a marketing exercise, though it can be used as such. Living Legacy Leadership is a legitimate globally heard weekly show in its 6th year that addresses real issues, particularly facing the over 50’s crowd, though the listening demographics are much wider. Letting me interview you is an easy, fun, inexpensive and high-impact way to get your message out or just encapsulate elements of your amazing life as part of your legacy to share with people you care about. What a gift!

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