A Life of Creative Living & Giving

Hi, I’m Donna Kim-Brand, your Provocateur of Possibility,

I work with Changemakers and Soon-To-Be Retirees who want to design next steps for a life and lifestyle that is both thrilling and fulfilling. If you are yearning to find a purpose or project in which to invest your lifetime of experience, skillset, and TLC, avoiding the regrets of many who didn’t go after their dreams before too late, then I’d like to be your coach and guide.

My concept of Living Legacy describes where you live your life on your own terms, while also contributing to people, places or projects along your life journey, both of which make it more likely you will live, and pass on, feeling fulfilled. Rather than waiting until near your deathbed, you live and give throughout your lifetime, from any age or stage- a no-regrets approach to living and leaving your legacy. Along the way, as you learn, grow and fine-tune what really matters to you, you can make new choices if you want to. This keeps your life, and YOU, fresh, relevant and waking up every day feeling thrilled and fulfilled.

On this site you can learn a variety of ways to work with me, online and in person, individually or in a group context, over time or with a deep dive immersion. We’ll assess and upgrade your personal repertoire of where-with-al, vision, and resourcefulness. Then we’ll discover and design possible ways for you to forge a next-stage of-life of meaningful creative living and giving.

And maybe you’ll even choose your Living Legacy, where, as mentioned above, you live life on your own terms while contributing to people, places or projects along your life journey, rather than waiting until too late in the game to leave your legacy by design instead of by default.

Looking around this website, you’ll learn more about my story, about how coaching with me works, and about how to get started to help you achieve your next-stage goals.

You can also subscribe and follow me, or contact me if you have questions.

You can write me here: clientcare@LivingLegacyLifestyle.com.